1. Elisa

The general Elisa test through your GP. Word of warning – this has a low sensitivity rate and can produce false negatives. Although I suggest this as a first line of testing I do recommend to people that a negative result may not necessarily mean you don't have Lyme.

Per the guidelines from the test kit manufacturer Trinity Biotech they quote the following:

"The diagnosis of Lyme disease should be made based on history and symptoms (such as erythema migrans), and other laboratory data, in addition to the presence of antibodies to B. burgdorferi. Negative results (either first or second-tier) should not be used to exclude Lyme disease. High Complexity Test. Patients in the early stage of disease and a portion of patients with late manifestations may not have detectable antibodies. Serologic tests have been shown to have low sensitivity and specificity and, therefore, cannot be relied upon for establishing a diagnosis of Lyme disease." For more details see here: https://ticktalkireland.files.wordpress.com/2013/02/elisa-trinity-vise.pdf

So, if Elisa is insensitive what other methods can you try? There are some labs. in the U.S. such as Igenex Labs who test for Lyme. I have also listed two labs in Europe on the following pages as the courier fees are much cheaper than sending to the U.S. These are private labs. and would need to be arranged separate to the GP.

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